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Hwato SDZ-IIB Portable Handheld 2 Output Acupuncture Stimulator Electronic 华佗手持电针仪

Hwato SDZ-2G Digital 6 Outputs Acupuncture Electric Nerve & Muscle Stimulator 华佗升级数码治疗仪

Hwato SDZ-2 Acupuncture Electric Nerve & Muscle Stimulator 6 Outputs 华佗治疗仪

RM 290.00Add to CartRM 390.00Add to CartRM 369.00Add to Cart

4 Liter TAIWAN Automatic Ceramic Pot 台湾哑巴媳妇陶瓷煎药壶 4公升

3 Liter TAIWAN Automatic Ceramic Pot 台湾哑巴媳妇陶瓷煎药壶 3公升

RM 270.00Add to CartRM 250.00Add to Cart 

Hwato High Quality Cupping Cups 24 Pcs Set 华佗拔罐器精装24罐

Kangzhu Cupping Set 12 Cup 康祝拔罐器精装12罐

3'pcs/Set Bamboo Cupping Cup Set 竹筒拔罐器装 3个装

RM 195.00Add to CartRM 49.00Add to CartRM 19.00Add to Cart

Bionime Rightest GM550 Blood Glucose Monitoring System Kit Set 血糖检测系统套装

[Waist] Eleno Spine Rest Bolster 10.5cm 整脊颈腰枕垫 (腰部)

Foot Massage Powder - Saffron Crocus 浴足粉包 (藏红花)

RM 195.00Add to CartRM 98.00Add to CartRM 15.00Add to Cart

100‘s/Box Disposable Hand Gloves Nitrile 一次性手套(100个装)

YUWELL Single Head Stethoscope 鱼跃 单头听诊器


RM 22.90Add to CartRM 26.00Add to CartRM 495.00Add to Cart

60’s/Box Moxa Paste 艾艾贴 60粒装

RM 33.00Add to Cart  

Shuenn-An Heat Plaster 顺安万应热贴

RM 12.00Add to Cart  

100's/Box Casoon Sterile Acupuncture Needle With Tube 佳顺圆头管针灸针 100支装

100’s/Box Casoon Sterile Acupuncture Needle (Round) 佳顺圆头无管针灸针 100支装

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