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H.1-A [Neck] SPINE REST BOLSTER 9.5CM 整脊颈腰枕垫 (颈部)

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H.1-A [Neck] SPINE REST BOLSTER 9.5CM 整脊颈腰枕垫 (颈部) H. Healthcare Products 医疗保健

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What is Eleno Spine Rest Bolster?

Eleno Spine Rest Bolster is not a usual pillow. This pillow designed ergonomically to stretch and support the curve of the neck and lower back to its normal curvature; it can also be used for stretching exercises for spine and back muscles. The spine bolster is made of foam and is embedded with magnetic points throughout its body.

什么是Eleno 整脊颈腰枕垫
Eleno Spine Rest Bolster不是一般的枕头。 这款枕头采用符合人体工程学的设计,可将颈部和下背部的曲线伸展并支撑至其正常曲率; 它还可以用于脊柱和背部肌肉的伸展运动。 脊柱垫由泡沫制成,并在其整个身体内嵌有磁点。

How Does Eleno Spine Rest Bolster Works?

The spine bolster stretches the back muscles thereby releasing and restructuring the body to its original state. The bolster also ‘opens’ up the tendons and gaps of the spine to provide extra leeway for stretching and release the pressure off our spine; this allows your body to reform back to its original healthy state.

Eleno 整脊颈腰枕垫如何运作
脊柱垫伸展背部肌肉,从而将身体释放并重建到其原始状态。 枕垫还“打开”脊柱的肌腱和间隙,为拉伸提供额外的余地,释放脊柱的压力; 这可以让你的身体恢复到原来的健康状态。

Features and Benefits:

  • Restore normal spine curvature
  • Relieve spinal pressure
  • Relieves muscle stiffness in the neck, shoulders and back, relieving pain in the shoulders, neck and lower back
  • The magnet is strategically placed to optimize better blood circulation flow
  • Portable design, easy to use
  • Place the magnet particles in the lid of the bolster to enhance its benefits
  • 恢复正常脊柱弯曲
  • 缓解脊柱压力
  • 缓解颈部,肩部和背部的肌肉僵硬,缓解肩部,颈部和腰部疼痛
  • 磁铁策略性地放置以优化更好的血液循环流量
  • 便携式设计,易于使用
  • 将磁铁颗粒置于摇枕的盖子中以增强其益处

Advantages of Spine Rest Bolster

  • Reinstate spine curvature
  • Relieve spine pressure
  • Relax back muscle
  • Magnet strategically placed to optimize benefits of the pillow


  • 纠正脊柱弧度
  • 减轻脊柱压迫
  • 放松脊柱周围肌肉
  • 磁粒 - 穴位解压功能

Spine Rest Bolster 

Can effectively prevent and relax the following symptoms
  • Headache
  • Stiff Neck
  • Back Pain
  • Painful Hip Joints
  • Aching Kness
  • Fibrositis
  • Arm Pains
  • Sciatica


  • 头痛
  • 颈痛
  • 背痛
  • 盘骨痛
  • 膝痛
  • 肩膊痛
  • 手痹
  • 坐骨神经痛
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