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P.3 [RED] NERVE & MUSCLE STIMULATOR 华佗治疗仪 P. Acupuncture Electric Stimulator 电针治疗仪 P.3 [RED] NERVE & MUSCLE STIMULATOR 华佗治疗仪 P. Acupuncture Electric Stimulator 电针治疗仪

Electronic Acupuncture Treatment Instrument( Nerve and Muscle Stimulator) is combined modern micro computer technique with traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture ad meridian Theory, based on the traditional SDZ series of electronic acupuncture treatment instrument. The device is used for applying low frequency pulse to stimulate the points of human body, may be used to apply an electrical current to electrodes on a patient's skin to treat pain. This device doesn't include acupuncture needles, combining with acupuncture needles in use. 

Hwato new SDZ - type II electronic needle therapy instrument with low (frequency) pulse current on the human body meridian acupoints, makes the ion distribution inside the organization change, to adjust the tension of nerve muscle tissue, promote the blood circulation around, make the body excitement or inhibit the partial victory partial failure condition to adjust, the balance analgesia antispasmodic, antiphlogistic, detumescence, promote the clinical effect of tissue regeneration.


Product synopsis:
1, Low through the eu CE certification and German TUV PS ISO9002, EN46002 quality system certification.
2,When a variety of waveform, intuitive is strong.
3, Six Way output, automatic timing.
4, Low external regulated power supply, for a variety of purposes.  

1,低通过欧盟CE认证和德国TUV PS ISO9002,EN46002质量体系认证。

Product Characteristic :
  • Replacement of hand massage
  • Acupuncture therapy
  • Six route output
  • Multi-pulse wave frequency LCD                              
  • Auto-timing Switch
  • Battery for operation/ The power converter operation(110/220/240V) 
  • Malaysia plug
  • 更换手部按摩
  • 针灸疗法
  • 六路输出
  • 多脉冲波频率LCD
  • 自动定时开关
  • 操作电池/电源转换器操作(110/220 / 240V)
  • 马来西亚插头

Technical characteristics:
1, percutaneous electrical stimulation
2, electroacupuncture
3, frequency of ground hole (mainly for the points) :
  • the continuous wave: 1-100 hz, and 2 adjustable density wave of hydrophobic wave frequency is approximately a third of the dense wave frequency goes: output: 2 test point: All the way (output jack B) power supply: dc 9 v or external dc 9 v power consumption: less than or equal to 0.3 watts.  

Technical parameters:
1, the output pulse shape: asymmetric two-way pulse, continuous wave, discontinuous wave and the dilatational wave.
2, the output pulse route:6 channels
3, the output pulse frequency: 1-100 hz continuous wave frequency adjustable;Discontinuous wave 1-100 hz frequency adjustable, break time for 10 seconds, continuous wave time for 30 seconds;Dilatational wave: thin wave frequency is 1/5 of the dense wave frequency, dense wave frequency is 5-100 hz is adjustable, sparse wave time for 10 seconds, dense wave time to 15 seconds.
4, output pulse amplitude: 0 to 50 v is adjustable.
5, the output pulse width: less than, equal to 1 ms.
6, power supply voltage: DC9V. 
4,输出脉冲幅度:0至50 V可调。
5,输出脉冲宽度:小于,等于1 ms。
Products include:
1 x Electronic Acupuncture Treatment Instrument
2 x Needle Electrode Metal Clip
6 x Skin Electrode
6 x Output Electrode Line
2 x Power Cable (The power adapter Malaysia Plug)
1 x Manual 
1 x电子针灸治疗仪
2 x针电极金属夹
6 x皮肤电极
6 x输出电极线
2 x电源线 (电源适配器马来西亚插头)
1 x手册

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