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P.5 [MINI] NERVE AND MUSCLE STIMULATOR 华佗治疗仪 P. Acupuncture Electric Stimulator 电针治疗仪 P.5 [MINI] NERVE AND MUSCLE STIMULATOR 华佗治疗仪 P. Acupuncture Electric Stimulator 电针治疗仪

Hwato SDZ-IIB electroacupuncture instrument is an instrument that combines electronic technology with traditional acupuncture and fascia theory. It is based on improvements and upgrades of the SDZ-II type. It features digital display parameters, accurate and controllable output and button operation. And other characteristics, suitable for clinical and scientific research. The instrument has four main parts: body, electrode, power supply and output leads. It does not contain acupuncture needles. It is equipped with a single needle electrode metal clip. The device does not include acupuncture needles, a combination of acupuncture needles.

Designed for low frequency pulse therapy on human acupoints. It applies to pains and paralysis such as backache, nerve paralysis and muscle pain, as an adjuvant therapy.


Product Features:
- Portable design
- Brand new product with novel and modern appearance
-Two output channels
- New circuitry, no cross over, no interference
- Continuous, intermittent and dense-disperse (modulated) waveforms
- Output safety alert-all outputs must be turned off before powering on the unit
- Durable alligator clip wires
 - 便携式设计
 - 具有新颖和现代外观的全新产品
 - 两个输出通道
 - 新电路,无交叉,无干扰
 - 连续,间歇和密集分散(调制)波形
 - 输出安全警报 - 必须先关闭所有输出,然后再打开设备电源
 - 耐用的鳄鱼夹线
Technical specifications:
- Adjustable frequency: 1 to 100Hz
- Timer: 0 to 60 minutes
- Pulse width: 0.2ms +/-30%
- Pulse wave: Un-symmetry two-direction pulse wave
- Power source: 9V DC or A/C adapter
 - 可调频率:1至100Hz
 - 定时器:0到60分钟
 - 脉冲宽度:0.2ms +/- 30%
 - 脉冲波:非对称双向脉冲波
 - 电源:9V DC或A / C适配器
Products include:
2 connecting pin lead wires, 2 pairs alligator clips to connect to the pin lead wires, 2 pairs self-adhesive electrodes to connect to pin lead wire, 1 instruction manual, 1 AC adapter.

Pulse frequency:
- Continuous wave : 1 ~ 100 Hz, adjustable
- Intermittent wave: continuous wave frequency adjustable in 1~100 Hz, break-wave time is 5 seconds, continuous wave time is 15 seconds.
- Dense-disperse wave: Disperse wave frequency is 1/5 of dense wave frequency, disperse wave time is 5 seconds and dense wave is 10 seconds.
 - 连续波:1~100 Hz,可调
 - 间歇波:连续波频率可在1~100 Hz内调节,中断波时间为5秒,连续波时间为15秒。
 - 密集波:分散波频率为密波频率的1/5,分散波时间为5秒,密集波为10秒。


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