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O.11-A [24 PCS] CUPPING KIT 24型 拔罐器

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O.11-A [24 PCS] CUPPING KIT 24型 拔罐器  O. Cupping Products 拔罐类

This cupping therapy set is known for anti cellulite, pain relief, promoting blood circulation, relieving joint and muscle soreness and eliminating body toxins. With our updated version cupping set, you can now stay at home and enjoy the professional face & body therapy.
这种拔罐疗法以抗脂肪,缓解疼痛,促进血液循环,缓解关节和肌肉酸痛以及消除体内毒素而闻名。 使用我们更新版的拔罐套装,您现在可以呆在家里享受专业的面部和身体疗法。

Product Description : 
  • The negative pressure in vacuum cup can be adjusted at will, and the treatment area is easy to be observed. The top part of the cup is in the shape of arc, with large contact surface with skin and good air tightness, eventually making vacuum cup uneasy to fall off.
  • The cup massage procedure is a simple treatment that gives impressive results. A cup massage helps release the rigid soft tissue through negative pressure and suction, it also helps drain off excess toxins and fluids your body may be retaining, it can help to loosen adhesion's and lift the connective tissues. This helps increase the blood flow to the skin and muscles that may have problems with partial atrophy.
  • 真空杯中的负压可以随意调节,治疗区域易于观察。 杯子顶部呈弧形,与皮肤接触面大,气密性好,最终使真空杯不易脱落。
  • 杯子按摩程序是一个简单的治疗方法,给人留下深刻印象。 杯按摩有助于通过负压和吸力释放刚性软组织,还有助于排出体内可能残留的多余毒素和液体,有助于松弛粘连和提升结缔组织。 这有助于增加可能存在部分萎缩问题的皮肤和肌肉的血流量。
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