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YUWELL Single Head Stethoscope 鱼跃 单头听诊器

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YUWELL Single Head Stethoscope 鱼跃 单头听诊器 Medical Equipment
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Single-headed stethoscopes are popular among medical professionals and students for their unique advantages. Due to its wide frequency range and exceptionally clear sound quality, it is often the favorite model for cardiologists.

Response curve: 100-500Hz as the reference of the testing sound source.Damping<12dB. 500-1000Hz«20dB.Hardnessof spring sheet: HR15N82.9-88.4.Earrings stretch: when draw the earrings to 140mm, elastic force1.372- 1.960N.Earrings stretch: when draw the earrings to 300mm, recovered in1 min. deformation less than 10mm.

响应曲线:100-500Hz作为测试声源的参考,阻尼<12dB。 500-1000Hz«20dB。弹簧片的硬度:HR15N82.9-88.4。耳环拉伸:将耳环拉至140mm时,弹力为1.372-1.960N。耳环拉伸:当将耳环拉至300mm时,在1分钟内恢复。 变形小于10mm。


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