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Lodophor Disinfectant 500ml 碘伏消毒剂

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Lodophor Disinfectant 500ml 碘伏消毒剂 Medical Equipment
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Lodophor a complex of iodine and a surface-active agent that releases iodine gradually and serves as a disinfectant. Iodine compounds or iodophors are fast-acting and effective against all bacteria. They are relatively nontoxic, non-irritating to skin, and stable. Iodophors are widely used in hand sanitizing solutions.
碘与表面活性剂的复合物,可逐渐释放碘并用作消毒剂。 碘化合物或碘伏是速效且对所有细菌有效的。 它们相对无毒,对皮肤无刺激且稳定。 碘伏被广泛用于洗手液中。

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