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V.18 HAND JOINT 大手关节模型

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V.18 HAND JOINT 大手关节模型 V. Models 模型类

Product Description

This life-size, plastic hand model features the bones of the hand and wrist and allows for demonstration of the anatomy and functionality of the joints. The anatomical hand clearly displays all the smaller bones of the fingers, the distal, middle and proximal phalanx bones, together with the metacarpal and carpal bones, also present is a small section of both the ulna and radius. The metacarpal bones are mounted on springs and the carpal joints are wired to allow some degree of joint movement.
The hand joint model comes mounted on a stand, which can be removed for closer inspection of the anatomy model by loosening two screws. A good value, budget hand and wrist model to study the basic structure and function of the upper limb.

这种真人大小的塑料手模型具有手和腕骨的特征,可以演示关节的解剖结构和功能。 解剖手清楚地显示了手指的所有较小的骨骼,即指骨的远端,中端和近端,以及掌骨和腕骨,也有尺骨和radius骨的一小部分。 掌骨安装在弹簧上,腕骨关节布线以允许一定程度的关节运动。
手动关节模型安装在支架上,可以通过松开两个螺钉将其卸下以更仔细地检查解剖模型。 一个物有所值的廉价手腕模型,用于研究上肢的基本结构和功能。


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