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J.18 PILL BAG 1000'S 药丸袋

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J.18 PILL BAG 1000'S 药丸袋  J. Medical Equipments 医疗器材

The Pill Bag resealable plastic bag, providing a comfortable, clean and convenient way to carry and keep track of vitamins, capsules, and other pills. It is a convenient replacement for your pill containers and it is best when used daily or while traveling. It is disposable, lightweight, and moisture-resistant, and is a visible, feel-able reminder to take your pills, no more having to carry around those bulky pill containers!
药丸袋可重新密封的塑料袋,提供舒适,清洁和方便的方式来携带和跟踪维生素,胶囊和其他药片。 它是药丸盒的方便替代品,最适合每天使用或旅行时使用它是一次性的,轻便的,防潮的,是服用时的可见,可感觉的提醒,而无需再随身携带那些笨重的药丸盒!

About the product : 
✔ EASY TO SEAL & OPEN PILL POUCHES: No more fumbling and fidgeting trying to open up your pill bags. Each pack contains 100 pill bags that are not only easy to close for an airtight seal but they are easy to open too!
✔ GREAT FOR TRAVEL BAGS: Airtight Seal and securely locks so pills will not spill out.
✔ CLEAR SEE THROUGH BAGS YOU CAN WRITE ON: These bags are clear and large so you can see exactly the contents of what is inside.The pill container bags also have a white window block that you can use a marker or pen to write on. Including a space for AM/PM or marking down the day or organizing
✔ FOR MULTIFUNCTION USE: These bags are the perfect way to carry pills for your daily medications. Whether you take a lot of supplements, travel frequently or just like to stay organized these pill cases hold up to 80 pills, tablets, capsules, or vitamins
✔ SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Our convenient zip-lock pill bags are made from premium quality polyethylene, moisture-resistant and spill-proof.

Product Size : Length 10.5 cm * Width 

✔可以通过手提袋清楚地看到这些手提袋:这些手提袋既清晰又大,因此您可以准确看到里面的内容。手提袋还带有一个白色的窗口块,可以用记号笔或钢笔写字。包括一个用于AM / PM的空间,或记下一天或组织活动的时间


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